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Wendy Gell, Fashion Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire
Here in Wendy Gell’s online jewelry and art shop you will find Wendy’s latest jewelry designs and paintings as well as vintage pieces from her personal collection and example pieces to inspire you when considering a custom order.






Custom Orders

Jewelry Archives

Wendy Gell’s Jewelry Archives are where the beautiful jewelry that has found its new home is placed for reference. This way you can see a history of the opulent jewelry designs Wendy has created and get ideas for a custom order of jewelry created just for you or someone you love. Though no two pieces are ever the same, we invite you to contact Wendy to inquire if she can design a similar piece of jewelry for you. You may also find more ideas to inspire your custom jewelry design in the Bridal & Weddings and Custom Orders sections of Wendy’s online shop.

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