African Baby Necklace 19″


Each beaded strand in this African Baby Necklace is 9″ long, giving the necklace a total length of about 19″. The focus piece is just over 4″ across and measures 8″ from the top of the focus piece to the end of the longest dangle. The encrusted part alone is 3″ deep. Many rare, vintage and otherwise special beads are included in this necklace! Please see below for a more detailed description.

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My African Baby Necklace has a wearing length of about 19 inches from end to end (at the clasp). Stretched out full length, the entire necklace measures about 17 inches long from the clasp to the end of the longest dangle. The focus piece—a decorated panel encrusted with jewels—is 4 and a touch inches across and 3 inches deep. From the top of the encrusted focus piece to the end of the longest dangle it is 8 inches long.

Component Details

I found the African baby piece in an antique market in Argentina. The child is vintage—very strange and rare.

The leopard is a Wendy Gell design. We originally made it to fit on the top of the ear. The leopard curls around a rare glass stone in a beautiful sea foam green. The necklace also features a Swarovski star and lavender jewel, wonderful minerals, a Chinese coin, rare African beads, skulls, and an old coral bead.

This African Baby Necklace is the first of a new line that was inspired last year when I was watching the Netflix series Grace and Frankie. I was quite taken with Frankie’s very unusual and unique necklaces and wanted to make some like them.


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