Pearl and Crystal Barrettes

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These elegant pearl and crystal barrettes were made as a gift for Judy Collins, given to her by one of her fans. They are different colors of cream, white, and silver pearls, 2 inches across. While this one of a kind pair has found its home with Judy, you can order a similar pair. Contact Wendy to talk about your custom order.

3 reviews for Pearl and Crystal Barrettes

  1. HannahWest

    These barrettes are gorgeous, Wendy!

  2. wendygell

    Thanks they were a gift to JudyCollins from one of her fans.

  3. Lachelle Wallace

    I commissioned these custom made hair clips/barrettes from Wendy as a gift to Judy Collins in May 2014. They are truly even more beautiful than the photographs reveal and Judy loves the fact that they are made by her favorite jewelry designer Wendy Gell!

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