Pocahontas Wristy with Jewels and Denim


Whether this would be your first Wendy Gell piece or you’re an established collector, this Pocahontas Wristy with Jewels and Denim is an essential addition to your collection of Wendy Gell wristies! Surrounded by large and medium Swarovski faceted jewels, turquoise chips, vintage jewelry pieces, and an enameled flower in her hair, Pocahontas radiates joy and indigenous spirit.

You can see the zipper from the denim, with Swarovski jewels in aqua, beige, purple, and blue. On the right side, half-hidden by denim is a ladies’ wristwatch with rhinestones and a big silver leaf with a silver pearl. On the left, there’s a heart, brown Lucite long teardrop with turquoise stones and denim. At the bottom is a white heart with a dangle of rhinestone chain.

Built on a 2″ cuff, the overhanging elements bring the total width to 5 1/2″. Signed by Wendy, 2023.


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