Wooden Cherub Wristy


For those who love antiquities, this Wooden Cherub Wristy has the look you want with the colorful jewels and pieces of vintage jewelry you crave.

Her crown has a fan of rose quartz and jeweled chains, a gold-tone cabochon, a tiny white flower, and a green star with Swarovski jewel. Underneath, there is a red glass heart, a yellow Chanel flower, and a beige butterfly. On the right side are three Carvel pearls, a gold metallic leaf and a zircon Swarovski heart. Continuing on that side there is a square Swarovski stone of beige, yellow and gray finished with pearls and a yellow flower. On the left there is a red hibiscus flower on a Carvelle perl, a smiling orange Buddha hides under her wing where there is Rhodonite, a carved Deco ruby glass, finished with gold pearls and crystal.

Built on a 1 1/4″ cuff. With the jeweled overhang the total width is 3″. Signed by Wendy, 2023.


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