Ironic Iconic Paper Doll Series

Ironic Iconic Paper Doll series was was inspired by the 2019 show at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Artentitled, “Heavenly Bodies.” The theme was based on art from the Vatican made into garments by designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Chanel and Balenciaga. Each piece in the series is 16″ x 16″, and all hang on the diagonal. This is just a preview, these pieces are not yet for sale.

Ironic Iconic Paper Doll series, based on the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art  2019 show 'Heavenly Bodies,' by Wendy Gell. This is a look at two paper dolls and the binding of the book from the Museum tour.
Ironic Iconic Paper Doll Collage Series: This one has the Wendy Gell cuff with lapis in the middle. The crystal ball with frog is in her heart now. A van Gogh mandala below. The head is sunshine.
Wendy Gell as Wendia O'Gell - Georgia O'Keeffe Cow Skull with a gorgeous gown melting into it from behind and a magnificent cross. Ironic Iconic Paper Doll Collage
Ironic Iconic Paper Doll Collage by Wendy Gell with Frida Kahlo in her heart. 'I didn't think I would use myself in one of these but it just kind of worked'
Ironic Iconic Paper Doll Collage Series: at the bottom is an Elsa Schiaparelli embroidery of fantastic elephants dancing, with a Wendy Gell bracelet above. At the top is a tree from a Gustav Klimt painting.
Ironic Iconic Paper Doll Collage Series: Chalice