Wendy Gell has been in business since 1975 and has done business on the internet since 1997. Her customers have always been delighted with their purchases, and she has a 100% positive rating on eBay with 600 positive ratings accumulated as of her 17th anniversary as an eBay seller in 2014. Her jewelry has been featured on in numerous fashion magazines – including covers – and the Oprah show, and has been worn and collected by actresses and celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, Judy Collins, Mariah Carey and many more, and worn by supermodels galore (see her Press page for evidence!).

Wendy is an artist, but also a personable and conscientious businesswoman who cares about your satisfaction and her reputation. As a result, she has cultivated relationships with buyers and collectors of her jewelry that have lasted for years. Some collectors are so enthralled with the jewelry they have purchased from Wendy that they feature their collections online, such as this page by Judy Miller. You can purchase from Wendy’s online store with confidence, and we look forward to seeing many more glowing reviews as fashion jewelry lovers discover the new jewelry posted in her online jewelry shop. Since this website is new, we would like to share some of the fabulous reviews which enthusiastic buyers left on her previous website with love.

Annette Funicello

Thanks so much for taking the time to write. It’s clear that Annette loved these earrings… as she wore them often when making personal appearances on behalf of the Walt Disney Company. She was proud of Mickey… and honored to wear things that so beautifully reflected her appreciation for all that Walt Disney (and Mickey!) had meant to her.

We just discovered that Annette also wore them for the grand opening / dedication of Disney-MGM Studio at Walt Disney World in 1989.

Gell Treasures

I have begun a collection of Gell treasures and look forward to making it grow. I have had an affinity for this medium of art pre-1980s and abracadabra! Wendy Gell comes along and shows the world what real art is all about – not only functional, beautiful, and designed with the best quality findings and bright, heirloom quality artistic flair! Our world needs this art!!!!! It’s a happy, fun, elegant way to bring smiles to anyone. Hats off to you, Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Have a great everyday ”
Testimonial By: needful_things


This is just to say my brooch has arrived today and what a brooch it is! I love it!
Oh Wendy! Bashful is so cute! And the way you have displayed him surrounded by so many gorgeous pieces of jewellery is simply amazing! I may wear Bashful when I attend a wedding next week. Wendy how would you wear it? Would you attach it to a blouse /dress or to an accessory?

Well, I hope you and Jewel are enjoying life and that the sun is shining and everything is coming up Rosy!

I hope to be able to buy another of your creations, especially for Christmas.

Thinking of you with love

Hugs & Smiles
Testimonial By: Wendy J.


My fiance, Bob, inherited from his parents a Jacob David Gell watercolor. While Googling your dad, he found you and your one-of-a-kind creations. Frogs have a special significance in our relationship, so Bob purchased your beautiful frog wristy and christened it “Fristy.” He gave it to me for Valentine’s Day. It is not a piece for a wilting violet. Whenever I wear it, I attract so much attention. When people ask me where they can purchase your jewelry, I direct them to your website. Wishing you continued success.
Testimonial By: Renee

They Are Art

I got my pin today, safely packaged, thank you!

I LOVE IT! I love your style your originality and touch of dazzle. I don’t have a taste for artisan pieces…I tend to be drawn to more tailored pieces, but your pieces are far beyond regular artisan pieces. They are art pieces.

This is a big treat for me and I hope to save some money so I can get a Wendy Gell Eye Candy bracelet and I dare say, maybe even a necklace!

Thank you for the attention you’ve given my order and I do hope to return soon!!!

Leichen aka Lisa
Testimonial By: Lisa

Brilliant Designer

Wendy—just back from Pier show where my “Alice” necklace received much comment and admiration. I named you as the brilliant designer and I must say at least four people recognized you as the designer without me telling them. Made quite a hit and really enjoyed the stir!!
Testimonial By: Alice


The rings arrived safely: They are FABULOUS! More extravagantly gorgeous and sheerly joyful than I had imagined. Thank you so much. All continued success in your
work: What a talent, what an extraordinary gift of life! What a miracle.
Testimonial By: Emily B

Creative Whirlwind

I don’t know anyone, however, who is the creative whirlwind you are. When they speak of ‘living the creative life’, sheesh, I think, do they know my friend Wendy? She IS the creative life.

Beautiful Things

Colorful bejeweled wristy by Wendy Gell, owned by a happy customer and collector of Wendy's jewelry art.It’s so nice to meet you through the internet. I am a fashion stylist, and also write some articles for magazines about beauty and skin care, and so on. I first found you on eBay when I was studying in England. One day I typed 3 words:”bling rhinestone jewelry” on my search toolbar, then I found your works from hundred of jewelry pieces matching these 3 words. I have to say: Your works are so beautiful and so outstanding! I can’t help myself to fall in love with them. From that time, I started to pay close attention on your works and start to collected them. Until now I’ve already got 4 cuffs, 1 watch (but it doesn’t work anymore) and 1 doll. Although the amount of my collection is very small, I keep on trying to collect more and more in the future. I was wearing one of your designed cuffs on my wedding day, and almost everybody who attended asked me where I found such awesome jewelry. So, this is the whole story about how I find you. I think it’s just fate. My grandma used to say: every beautiful thing goes to a lucky owner. I guess I am just the lucky one who find your beautiful work. Anyway, forgive me, I just talk too much. I really really hope you have a nice and happy time everyday!
Testimonial By: Yi W (Cherie)


Incredible. The United Nations should commission you to totally glue your amazing bead designs on the entire UN Building…all wars would end immediately because people would be too overwhelmed by the beauty to fight.
Testimonial By: David Z


I received the wristy that I fell in love with when I saw it in the webstore – actually had to wipe the drool spots from my keyboard!

The “real-life” wristy is even more DAZZLING and STUNNING than any of the images I saw. Whenever I wear it – I feel absolutely on top of the world!

Thanks soooooo much!
Testimonial By: Tina

Love is in that world!

Wendy is the artist always, in all ways. An inspiration, a treasure to have touched, an icon of our times. I love her beautiful work, her magic, celebrate her “evol”ution, honor her person and timelessness. I love everything I know of her and her journey.
Testimonial By: Adagio

Wendy Gell Fuchsia Dangle Pin

THE MOST interactive & fun seller on line – love the items & the designer! The best ‘all-around’

Wendy Gell Cowardly lion pin from OZ

Wow!!! Super smooth transaction. A great addition to my collection. Many many thanks. Highly recommended!!

Wendy Gell Mercury Glass Wristy Cuff

I’ve dealt with Dear Wendy a lot and she’s always been WONDERFUL!! She’s a SWEETHEART!!!! Thank You Wendella! Love, Barbara

Wendy Gell Cherub Pin Ruby Jewelie

Great transaction and this pin is BREATHTAKING!! If you don’t own a Wendy Gell original, ask yourself, “WHY NOT”?? She is the best!! Thanks again Wendy!!

Wendy Gell Crescent Necklace Silver Fantasy

Great transaction and Wendy is THE most wonderful person to work with! Everyone needs jewelry made by the “Jewelry Genius”!! I highly recommend this seller!!

Wendy Gell Smiling Shoes Pavé Pin

Great transaction and this pin is STUNNING!! Even more beautiful than promised. I highly recommend ANYTHING made by Wendy Gell. She is the best!!
Response :Thanks for the glowing report. You are a joy to sell to and I’m proud to include you as a collector and friend.

Wendy Gell Bunny Pin

She resolved a problem with care and concern. I would do business with her again.

Gold & Black Earrings by Wendy Gell

Wendy, what can I say, except that you are one of the all time best. Love your jewels and our talks. Thanks.
Testimonial By: M

Wendy Gell Gold and Amber Spiral Necklace

Another gorgeous necklace from Wendy, who makes unbelievable jewelry of all kinds! You must see her work in person!!!!!

Wendy Gell Spiral Necklace Spring Jewels

Gorgeous necklace!! Wendy is a great artist & her spirals are a joy to own. Hope to collect more and more!!!!