African Gold Salamander Wristy


This beautiful golden wristy cuff bracelet is cut at an intriguing angle that looks gorgeous on. Vintage Wendy Gell, signed and dated 1986.


Wendy’s African Gold Salamander Wristy cuff bracelet rides low on the wrist. It was created for a collector named Caitlin, so we called it the Caitlin cuff. She wanted to wear a 3 inch cuff and have another ride low on the wrist to wear with it. That is commitment!

The African pieces were cast from originals Wendy found in the 1980s at the Boutique Show from an African dealer. We had them cast and reproduced. They are so amazing. You can find them in many early pieces. This wristy has them all.

Vintage Wendy Gell, signed and dated 1986.


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