Beaded Necklace with Cross and Sunflower


Wendy’s beaded necklaces are loaded with beads that count as treasures themselves! This 30″ Beaded Necklace with Cross and Sunflower has a 6″ high x 4″ wide cross pendant. The cross has 3 red mirrored arrowhead stones and a giant red glass heart in the center. On top, there’s an angel in an ivory-colored cameo. Above the angel is a red heart with a tiny enameled bird.  Above them is a gold and silver bird with a jeweled eye. The third bird is beneath the glass heart. The sunflower is by Betsey Johnson with silver no-hole pearls added. The delightful, gorgeous beaded strand has a blue glass heart just above the rose with the bird, then cherry and honey amber beads, African trade beads, silver spacers, an amber slice, a blue heart, more African beads, a red heart, amber slices and African slices all around. Signed on the back with a  Wendy Gell New York label as well as another signature with an electric pen, 2021. When not worn, it wants to be out where it can be seen. A true one of a kind!


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