Bob Dylan Tribute Painting – Oh Wendy Saints Go Marchin’ In

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It all started with the Bob Dylan ticket, way back when I was in New York City. The Bob Dylan tribute painting “Oh Wendy Saints Go Marchin’ In” depicts a parade in WenDYLANd. It starts with Jesus leading the parade. Beast, my doll, plays the saxophone, and angels made of rose quartz and paint hover over the scene. The golden book another angel studies is the I Ching, the Chinese book of Changes. There are stars and shells and jewels and a Bob Dylan concert ticket that has faded with age. Dylan plays his pavé guitar in the corner. It’s signed Wendy Gell 1997. Dylan’s jeweled white cowboy hat flies on the right side. A complex yet whimsical piece. Jewels and paint on a wood board, 30 inches across and 24 high.

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1 review for Bob Dylan Tribute Painting – Oh Wendy Saints Go Marchin’ In

  1. HannahWest

    A lively and fun tribute to Bob Dylan, worthy of any serious fan’s collection of Dylan memorabilia!

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