Bridal Cuff Bracelet SOLD

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Wendy was commissioned to create this cuff bracelet for Judy Collins using a beautiful brooch provided by her client as a focal piece. Judy is not getting married, but what a fabulous thing to wear on your wedding day ~ jewelry custom made for you that highlights an heirloom piece of your own will be unique, precious and unforgettable!

Contact Wendy and show her the special jewelry you would like her to make into a fabulous piece which you or your beloved bride-to-be will treasure forever.




1 review for Bridal Cuff Bracelet SOLD

  1. Lachelle Wallace

    I commissioned Wendy to make a spectacular cuff for Judy Collins. I couldn’t be happier with the results. To see this piece in person is breathtaking. The vintage broach that I provided for Wendy to design the bracelet around was created into a one of a kind heirloom. Thank you Wendy for making this unique and cherished gift for me to give to a most beautiful and remarkable woman, it truly reflects the elegance and class that Judy exudes each and everyday.

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