Cherub Jeweled Mandala


Wendy’s Cherub Jeweled Mandala features a porcelain angel covered with magnificent Swarovski jewels on an 10″ round wooden base with Swarovski headlight stones and navette (marquis) stones. She has a headdress with a white daisy, a little jade bird, jewels galore, and a transparent blue leaf. She holds a transparent spear of amber-colored Lucite and her whole body is covered with jewels and beautiful elements—purple Lucite cabochons, no-hole pearls in gold, and gold filigree surround her. A heavenly piece!

When compared with the picture that shows some lavender background when it was in progress, you can see from the images of the completed piece just how many beautiful jewels are added to this mandala. The cherub appears to be swimming in a sea of sparkles. Angelic!

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