Marilyn Monroe Box


Wendy made this Marilyn Monroe box for a Palm Springs Art Museum show. There are two Marilyn figures on top – one in a bathing suit sits on a stool, the other holds a script as she sits on a suitcase by a palm tree. On the top near the suitcase is a Mona Lisa and blue flower heavily encrusted with jewels. Next to her is a beach ball with more jewels and another fish. On top there’s a big green flower with a butterfly and a giant ruby headlight stone. On the bottom there’s a giant heart, Marilyn’s driver’s license, and jewels galore. On one side there’s a palm tree with an Andy Warhol Marilyn, more little clownfish, a vintage Mickey Mouse in profile, and penguins. On the back is Andy Warhol’s Elizabeth Taylor with a bumblebee and gorgeous rare Swarovski jewels. On the other side is Marilyn Monroe holding jewels…Cam Gells on top, and the pin from Dick Tracy of Madonna that looks like Marilyn, more little fish and jewels, mushrooms, a Disney princess…all massively jeweled. A magnificent, one-of-a-kind, super collectible art piece!

Measures 11″ high on the outside, width 6″, length 8.” Inside, the measurements are 4″ wide x 6″ long with total height of about 4″. And there’s a couple of little surprises inside, too!

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