Ruby Slippers Box


Ruby Slippers Box features an Andy Warhol figure on top with jeweled eyes and a skull and two blue glass hearts that appear to be dangling from his crown. The crown is a pavé crocodile. Andy is holding a bottle of whiskey and a magic marble. Underneath is an iridescent cross with a heart, and beside him are ruby slippers with a golden character crawling up them. There is a Goofy dog and a chalice with a crystal coming out of it. From the bottom to the top of Andy’s crown is 11″ high. On the front is a rainbow heart, gay sailors in pink marching, a sign “Guilt without Sex,” Warhol’s tomato soup can, a butterfly, a golden bow, and four golden shield-shaped stones, with rhinestone chain. On one side there is a Camp Gell’s label above a black and white enameled Mickey Mouse, a fireman pin, a red rose with 3 Campbell’s soup cans with glass bananas, and a Betsy Johnson sunflower. On the back, there is a sacred heart with a ruby cross inside, a yellow cabochon, a golden rose, a bee on a pavéed red rose, an Empire State building, a picture of Blondie, and jewels and pearls. On top is a Snow White figure with a pineapple, Cambell’s soup cans, big pink rose. On another side is an angel with a little dove, a blue iridescent leaf with a red heart and jewels — fuschia emerald cuts, and…Marilyn.

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