The Wendy Chronicles


The Wendy Chronicles, 12″ x 12″ collage embellished with Swarovski jewels by Wendy Gell, 2024. It has Wendy’s Story from one of her books—there’s a butterfly wing coming from her back, a Swarovski headlight stone, and lavender and black Swarovskis near her face. Rhinestone chain frames the composition. Underneath is an Andy Warhol figurine with jeweled eyes holding a tiny Coca-Cola bottle, standing on a pile of tiny glass bananas and pearls. Beneath him is a Betsy Johnson sunflower, a rectangle of faux turquoise, tons of Swarovski stones and glass bananas, and Wendy’s business card on top of an Elizabeth Taylor button. The smiling shoes pavéed in rhinestone are from Roger Rabbit. To the right of the book is a candlestick with a jeweled flame and massive amounts of Swarovski jewels. The curved candlestick is rhinestone chain with jewels galore. Wendy Darling from Peter Pan looks into the flame with a yellow rose and a pink porcelain rose. Beneath them is the fairy from Pinocchio with a Marilyn postcard, a headlight stone in blue, clusters of jewels, a black glass fish, and Andy’s “Marilyn” button next to an oval with flamingos. There’s a taxi cab with a hare and a tortoise and underneath are pearls, leaves, an I-Ching coin, and Wendy’s New York label. On the right side is a Marilyn Monroe watch with a flying heart, the number 9 encrusted, cloisonné Chinese dragon head and a tiny dinosaur. There is a collectible Disney pin and a mercury glass butterfly under The Wendy Chronicles. An allegorical vision of Wendy mythology.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 in


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